Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do your homework

There is a fireplace (currently not working) at the Rondo library on University Avenue in St. Paul. The tile surround has all these recommendations for what to do at the library including this one for all you kids out there who just want to fool around on the computers.


Kate said...

Homework seems to be passe in some quarters, but I do not agree with detractors. The classroom functions much better if students are familiar with various concepts (whatever the subject) and have "practiced" on their own by doing some homework, and they learn more ...horrors. But I also support computers in an educational setting, too. Rondo is a great library! Come to my blog today (Thursday, 1/13) for a little surprise.

Kate said...

Molly, thanks for your visit. I fixed the link on my post now so that it goes directly to your photo of the cheese shop I mentioned.

Kate said...

This seems odd; those posted comments of mine are from over 2 months ago! Computer voodoo?