Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter moon rising

Last month I cheated a bit and posted the lunar eclipse which was not actually visible from the Twin Cities. We are at the full moon again, but this time we see it from an oddly brown St. Paul (still no significant snow).


Kate said...

No snow which brings ice with it is just fine since last year was a horror!

Great shot; got a new camera and couldn't quite manage a moon shot yet; you did a great job with yours

Kim, USA said...

These shot is amazing to me so pretty! And yes no snow and I like it ^_^

Kim, USA

Anonymous said...

beautiful shot.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, muted shot! Please come enter it in my 'Weekly Top Shot' meme? We're on Week #13 and I'd love to see you share with me and my readers! Here's this weeks' link: