Wednesday, September 28, 2011

K is for kayak

On a misty morning on a Minnesota lake. This photo does double duty with this week's theme and ABC Wednesday. To see other contributions to "k" click here.


Nanka said...

Kayaking looks fun but it is not for me!! I would probably be going round in circles or topple over!! :)

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Linnea said...

Wow! What a beautiful, tranquil scene!

Roger Owen Green said...

I think KAYAK is the winner this week! Nice.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Andy said...

I think anyone who kayaks is brave. Such a little boat surrounded by all that water...not for me I'm afraid.

Nice photo.

Thanks for sharing.

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Limda said...

I can visualize being out kayaking. Wonderful photo.

ABC Wednesday Team

Jo Bryant said...

wow - really