Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sixth Avenue Stroll

I've been wanting to get back to these whimsical bronze sculptures along 6th Avenue S.E., and this past weekend it was perfect for strolling. They line both sides of the street for two blocks just south of University Avenue in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood. Created by sculptor Aldo Moroni they are models of some of the first buildings erected in 19th century Minneapolis.


Nathalie said...

That sound brilliant. I love the idea. Taking a stroll and looking at all the sculptures must be very nice.

Lucas said...

I JUST saw these for the first time when I went to the Stone Arch Bridge festival last weekend. And of course....I took a photo for my photo blog. :) Ha. I haven't posted it yet but I probably will at some point. Wierd how similar the stuff we shoot is.